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Our History

Chaston Trading Ltd was founded in 2007 in Cyprus, and its main activity is the provision of transportation and cargo forwarding services to its clients.

Moreover company is investing in various worldwide projects, construction and operation of renewable energy sources, mining and refining of precious stones and metals, as well as the provision of cargo forwarding services.

The company is operating and developing in various business sectors for over 10 years.

Our Strategy and Values

The strategic aim of the company is the development of its position in the oil and energy products market, as well as the precious stones and metals market

We strive to provide reliable supplies to our customer, grow the effectiveness of our activities, and invest in innovation and technologies.

We work as a team to develop our business around the world based on trust, integrity and reliability.

Development and Innovation

Development and innovation are two inseparable and most important factors influencing each and every organization's road to improvement and success.

We are constantly searching for new ideas and business solutions which can fully satisfy the requirements of our clients as quickly and effectively as possible.

Due to this we welcome and support all our team’s ideas and projects which could allow for the improvement of existing and future activities of our company.

Our Partners

During the years of our successful existence, our team gained a large amount of experience through cooperating with many organizations and companies in various industries.

The main reasons for our successful cooperation with our partners are mutual trust, decision-making flexibility and stable, mutually beneficial and long-term relations.

We strive to create long-term relations with our strategic partners, slowly expanding the areas of our mutual cooperation by presenting new projects for our mutually beneficial cooperation and investments.

Our Clients

Our clients are the basis of our successful functioning and development. All our experience and time is directed on the creation of mutually beneficial relations with our clients.

Our priorities for working with our clients are the provision of timely, reliable and effective services and solutions, developed in accordance with the requests and requirements of our clients.

Our reputation before our clients has been proven time and again to be reliable, trustworthy and expedient.

Our Team

Our employees are the source of our advantages before our competitors. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with work experience in large international companies.

Our success is fully dependent on our team, who actively develop within the company. We begin the training by putting various assignments, which creates basis for the successful execution of future projects.

Holistic management of our team is essential for developing their skills, diversification and abilities necessary for successfully competing in worldwide markets.

"Know your product better than anyone, know your customer and have a burning desire to succeed"

Our Projects

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Our main activity is the provision of transportation and cargo forwarding services of oil and oil products for our clients, who import and export to markets and large consumers in Western Europe on a long-term basis.

Our company has direct contracts with state railways of several countries in order to efficiently and promptly provide the delivery of our clients’ oil and oil products to their destination.

We have also developed a brand new and extremely effective logistics chain and cooperate with cargo forwarding companies which also have direct contracts with state railways, thereby enabling the transportation and cargo forwarding process to be executed with the utmost reliability and effectiveness.


Each day there is a growing interest in Asia for coal as their main energy source and we are involved providing this natural resource to their markets.

Due to our substantial experience in the field of transportation, transshipment and trading of coal in European countries, currently we are cooperating with the most influential players in the Asian coal markets, which own large deposits and are ready to cooperate with our holding.

Our coal division has already formed a network of buyers in many Asian countries, such as China, India, Thailand, Philippines, etc.



We cooperate with agricultural companies around the world on the production of various types of feedstock and retail grains, such as wheat, barley, corn, soybeans and rye.

Our grain products are then supplied in monthly shipments on a long-term contractual basis by marine transport to markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

We strive to ensure that every aspect of the supply chain fully corresponds to our high standards in order to prevent any spoilage or damage to the product during its transportation and supply to our customers.


We are currently developing the entire supply chain for the production and sale of gold bullions, such as the mining of gold nuggets, their insurance and secure transportation to refining plants, and the smelting of gold bullions for their subsequent supply to Western Europe.

Our priority in this aspect of our operations is the complete transparency of the entire supply chain for all involved counterparties, therefore our mining and production operations fully comply with all international standards for the mining and quality of gold, such as the rules and standards of the UN OECD, DMCC and LBMA.



We are currently developing the entire supply chain for the production and sale of diamonds, such as the mining of uncut diamonds, their insurance and secure transportation for their subsequent supply to Western Europe.

As with our operations involving gold, the transparency of the entire supply chain for all involved counterparties is our utmost priority, and for this reason our mining operations fully comply with the Kimberley Process international standard.

Renewable Energy Sources

The short lifespan of natural resources, such as oil and gas, is a widely known and accepted fact, and because of this we do not only deal with natural energy resources, but are also open to participating in projects for the utilization of alternative energy sources.

We participated in large projects for the construction of a solar energy park in Germany, and are currently in talks for participating in a similar project in Cyprus.

Our aim is to provide a sustainable and clean source of energy for our clients in order to satisfy the demands of the worldwide community.

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